A great tool that you will always have something to express with: the alphabet.

Frustrated, happy, excited, angry or just feel like painting to relax? Use the alphabet.

For example, I am feeling serene. S will be my inspiration this time. Words starting with s will be the key. Paint whatever you like, as long as the name of what you paint starts with the letter you have chosen, and then you can create a story.

Acknowledge your feeling of the moment and paint thinking about it.

Story with S:
Being serene I take wool from my sheep with my scissors. I take a shower, put on my socks and shoes, have a sandwich and go climbing stones. When the night comes I see the stars, I take off my shoes and oh I meet somebody. We have sex, and a snake scares us. Fortunately I have my sheep… and I am serene again.

Can you create your own story? Do you have a favourite letter?