Ever felt that you wanted to express something for yourself only?

This activity works because you materialise your feelings. Maybe is something you are ashamed of, or maybe it is something you want to keep just to yourself.

Whether or not you want to show others how you feel you could use paper rolling either way. In an abstract form, hiding something, or out in the open.


  1. Roll pieces of paper.
  2. Arrange the circles with different colours so that you are creating an object.
  3. Inside it hide your secret, represented by anything you want: a letter, a symbol, or an object inside another one.
  4. Your secret is out there. Your burden is less heavy now.

If you didn’t hide anything: it is something beautiful for you.

I did a representation of a kiss, for love. Thanks to illustrationfriday.com for their inspiration.

Do you hide secrets using art? If so, how do you do it?

Leave your comments below and enjoy.