Last week I mentioned how if you listen to happy music, but at the same time think that the music is going to uplift you, it actually works, otherwise it is useless.

That made me think about how powerful is our mind. How we sometimes create our own problems, and how with the right attitude and keeping a positive point of view we can actually feel much better.

Things as the placebo effect, mindful visualisation, are outcomes of our body that sometimes are inexplicable but make us think how we can help ourselves by just thinking positively or that something is going to work for us.

Studies show that pessimism can affect your health.

Is not about ignoring your problems and thinking that everything is fine, is about approaching your problems in a productive and positive way.

Negative thoughts only increase stress and you know it is not a good companion for life. If you are not convinced yet, read this article.

Now, saying it is easy, but how to implement it? How to shut the negative and pessimistic thoughts in your brain?

As always, I try to use art because as much as you want to change your attitude you don’t find the right words or don’t know exactly what to do. With art, it is so much easier.

Break the ice between you and your brain. Give your brain tools to use in moments of negativity or when you are frustrated or sad.

Start an art journal. Commit to writing in it every day. Choose a specific time every day to paint, draw, colour, to express. You will notice how this will develop a positive attitude towards life.

Try this first activity for your journal:

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Outside the circle draw things that make you angry. Colours, words, images, objects, anything can represent this emotion.
  3. Inside the circle draw things that represent happiness and comfort for you. Things that make you strong. It could be your favourite colour, things you like about yourself, your favourite music group, anything.
  4. Imagine now how you can break the barrier between what is inside and outside the circle using the things inside the circle. How the things inside can spread out and help you.


Bob Dylan, Johhny Cash covered this song: Satisfied Mind. Think about it…

But I’m richer by far with a satisfied mind.