If you are feeling down consider listening to happy music.

A study shows that if you listen to happy music while having positive thoughts and thinking that the music is going to lift up your spirit, it actually does.

If you just listen to happy music without thinking that is going to make you feel better, the effects are not the same, or at least not as strong.

The key here is wanting and choosing the music you consider to be uplifting.

Not everybody considers the same songs as happy songs. Use your memories and your instinct to create a playlist that helps you be happy.

Happy songs for me? There are lots. One of them is one of the greatest songs ever written, A Day in the Life by The Beatles.

I chose this song because it has different parts, really different parts, with many contrasts: a great happy song, and a kind of a playlist to me.

That is what you should do. Create your playlist for happy times!

Do you have a playlist of your own? Share your thoughts below.