When you think of abstract forms of representation you think of basic forms and simple and direct ways to express yourself.

Consider lines and what you can do with them. They are a straight form of representation where all you have to do is connect one after another.

The lines can be connected to create shapes. Of course, shapes can represent something or can be abstract, as long as you express exactly what you feel.

It is also up to you if you want to follow some instructions or if you want to be completely free when expressing artistically.

Even though art therapy has no constraints, there are several forms of interaction with art that require some steps to follow. For example when you intend to create a specific object, or when you use instructions to create an object, as you would do for example in origami.

Why did I think about origami? Because it is proven that using our hands stimulates both hemispheres of the brain. I also like the idea of using a single piece of paper to create objects.

Like the idea behind origami, connecting lines with just one idea in mind (or having to stick to a piece of paper) is a powerful tool because you have to concentrate, using a single or very few parameters, and you can reflect more easily on what you are feeling.

The only idea in your mind should be to express, to liberate tensions, to capture your sentiments with art, to later see your feelings represented. You can forget about everything else, just let the lines or the folds flow.

Try connecting lines and see how easy it is to imagine your own world, and to paint or create objects you thought were impossible to express. Lines make it possible to connect your ideas and represent your own form of reality.

Do you have a tool for painting? Do you prefer a certain shape or pattern?

I would love to hear your thoughts and the tools and ways you express yourself.