Try to notice the textures around you. Be conscious of whether they make you feel something in particular.

  • Do you like soft and homey textures when you need comfort?
  • Do you look for heavy and rough textures when you look for safety or protection?
  • Hard and durable textures when you look for support?
  • Heavy and rich textures for coldness?


There are many textures which we don’t notice. Imagine what you can create when you get in contact with them, especially when you become aware and use them to express more than what is expected, to evoke feelings.

These are some textures that evoke emotions. Some that will help you express yourself better.

 Textures can be represented through the use of brushes. You can use your own brushes, or you can create a new one that will adapt to the texture that you are looking for.

 Here are some examples:

  • Bravery: look for harsh textures, brushes with acute endings and very well defined.
  • Happiness: smooth textures, brushes with round endings but full opacity in between.
  • Excitement: texture like a sponge, brushes that will have blank spaces between some strokes, imagine using a spray.
  • Peacefulness: soft textures, brushes with low opacity.


Create your own brushes, textures of your own that you associate with a feeling in particular.

Like colour, textures are also influenced by memories and culture. Not everybody associates a feeling in particular with a specific texture, so if you want to create a brush that evokes your own version of happiness do it! That is what art therapy is all about: your own experience.

 For example, imagine a Viking and all that you expect from one (what we call cliches). Colours are not enough to represent the feelings they evoke, textures are important to represent what you are expecting.

For instance, bravery is represented in the helmet (hard and strong); heavy and rough weapon represent protection; strong and hard boots represent support; rich textures and comfort are represented in the fur, cosiness in the beard, and warmth in the belly.

That is just for them, and what about their environment? Where do they come from? Exciting, peaceful and cold places like Iceland, Finland, Norway. Do you think colours are enough to represent those places? What about highlighting the fog, the coldness, the excitement you feel in those places?

To place yourself there, consider brushes like sponges and low opacity. Look for textures that represent both the weather and the mysticism of the place.


After you have used and experimented with textures, you are more aware of what you want or of what you are feeling. Mix your senses, touch and look for colours and textures that evoke exactly what you want to express.


Textures not only help you get feelings out of your mind, also help you express and potentiate your creativity, so you have a fertile ground for new ideas to come.


That is what you are looking for, having a lot of tools that will help you have a complete and fulfilling experience. Something that will make your creativity explode!!

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