Get out your emotions with colour!

Be true to your feelings choosing not only the right colour but also the right shade.

You don’t have to put words to what you are feeling. Sometimes you don’t know what to say, or don’t know which words are right to express your anger, frustration, happiness or excitement.

Instead, choose colours.

Think of essential things associated with colours that will help you determine the concept behind it. It will also help you have a clear picture in your mind about the concept of a colour.

What do colours represent?

  1. Excited, energetic, essential, exponent: RED
    Common things: red carpet, love, lips, blood.
  2. Lively, loyal, leading: YELLOW
    Common things: the sun, raincoat, school bus, yellow pages, yellow card (football).
  3. Useful, upright, unadulterated, up-front, unity: BLUE
    Common things: ice, ocean, sky, the moon.
  4. Reasonable, reliable, rich, robust: GREEN
    Common things: symbols for organic, recycle, etc, clover (luck), emeralds, nature.
  5. Animated, active, adventure, attention: ORANGE
    (“Orange is the happiest colour”- Frank Sinatra).
    Common things: basketball, traffic cone, life vests, prescription bottles, autumn, fire.
  6. Polished, perplexing, passion, pleasure, puzzle: PURPLE
    Common things: lavender, crowns or medals.
  7. Nice, new, neat, naive: PINK
    Common things: ballet, cotton candy, newborns.
  8. Gloomy, gentle, glum: GREY
    Common things: fog, silver, dust, granite, wolves.
  9. Compelling, classy, cryptic, ceremonial: BLACK
    Common things: funerals, black holes, black dress, pirates, charcoal.
  10. Hygienic, healthy, humble, honest: WHITE
    Common things: paper, snow, cotton, stars, eyes, clouds.

Aside from colour, consider also its vibrancy, which is basically how light or dark a colour is.
Why is this property so powerful to help you express your emotions?

Well, brighter colours are energetic while the darker ones are associated with a relaxed state. So next time you are colouring or painting grass because you are thrilled about your life, consider using a bright green.

Do you have any associations with a colour in particular? How do you choose which colours to wear or paint with? Leave your comments below.