Do you wake up at night and have no clue why?
Don’t worry it happens to a lot of people and the reason might be something you can easily correct.

Here is a list of the possible reasons you are waking up and how you can make a small change before going to bed, with a huge benefit: a good night’s rest.

  1. The urgency to pee
    Keep the amount of water you drink (3 hours before going to bed) to a minimum. If you still go to the bathroom a lot when you kept your water intake to a minimum, (more than 2 times) you might have an imbalance of electrolytes. There are several ways to control your electrolytes.The best option is always to go for natural remedies either to prevent it or to cure this imbalance.
    An infusion of apple is a delicious option, plus it is great to make you sleepy.
    More options can be found on this page.
  2. Overheating
    There is not an ideal temperature for your room at night. It depends on your thermal sensation and on your needs. More or less for everybody is between 15-20°C, but again if you feel warm or cold around this temperature you should adjust. The best way to control your body temperature and to get ready for bed is taking a short bath. First, you will adjust your body temperature. Second, when you get out of the bathroom and the temperature drops, your brain associates that with a need to rest, hence you feel ready for a good night’s sleep.
  3. Stress or a lot in your mind
    Try doing relaxing exercises like yoga, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation. Don’t forget also to write everything you have in your mind. If you wake up at night thinking about things you need to do, it is okay to write again. Just don’t use a very bright light, as that might disrupt your whole night. Remember, you have to let your brain know that you are resting. It is easier for your brain to rest when it is dark.
  4. Cramps
    When you have cramps in the middle of the night a possible cause is that you might have low potassium, so try eating bananas or taking supplements.
    Also, stretch or do some exercise to ease tensions throughout your body, and keep hydrated during the day.
  5. Your back is hurting
    If you wake up in the middle of the night with pain in your back or neck check your position.
    Mattress. To know if you have the right mattress, lie on your back and put your hand between your spine and the mattress. If you can’t get your hand out easily it is too soft, and if there is a gap, it is too hard.
    Pillow. It depends on your sleeping style. Look at this page to see which one is right for you.
    If your pillow and your mattress are not a problem, you are probably very tense and that is why your body hurts during the night. For that, exercise, stretch and do yoga every day.
  6. You feel stimulated
    There are several reasons for this. It might be something you ate. There are a lot of drinks and foods that don’t seem a problem at first because you feel relaxed when you take them, but later in the night your body responds differently to some of them. A premier example is alcohol: at first, it makes you sleepy, but later it becomes a brain stimulant. Watch out what you eat! (More on that next week).You might also feel stimulated because of the lights, so don’t use bright lights before or while you are in bed. Check this list for tips before going to bed. If you feel anxious or stressed, remember that you are in your bed and you are completely safe, there is nothing that can harm you. Also, it is your time to recover and to get energised. Take advantage of that and enjoy.
  7. You think is time to wake up
    You should set an alarm if you are nervous about getting up. Don’t look at the clock every minute because you will only feel worried about how much time you have left to sleep. Trust in your clock and hide it where you can’t see what time it is, but where you make sure you will hear the alarm.
  8. You just wake up
    There are several studies that indicate that some time ago we, humans, used to sleep in two periods of 4 hours each, with a gap of 2 hours in between. We actually used to wake up during the night and we used that time to relax. This doesn’t mean that you should sleep like this (it will be uncomfortable because of the way we live now). But knowing this, don’t worry if you wake up. Use this information to know that maybe your body was designed this way. Don’t blame yourself, use this time, if you definitely couldn’t sleep again, just to close your eyes and rest. Breathe and know that you don’t have to do anything.
  9. Medical conditions
    If you still feel stressed because you wake up during the night, and you have changed your habits and you have no idea why you still wake up during the night, consider going to the doctor and getting checked.
    It might be a problem that indicates something else.

Do you have any rituals during the night when you wake up?
Share them and share your comments below.