We all suffer when we have a bad night’s sleep. Headaches, bad temper, mood swings, feeling cold are some of the symptoms we experience when we wake up feeling tired.

Try doing these things to see if it helps you.

During the day:

1.Expose yourself to sunlight.
Your body will know the difference between night and day.

 2. Exercise.
Get rid of stress and blocking emotions.

Before going to bed

3. Avoid bright light from screens.
(Laptop, telly, mobile, etc).

4. Write a to-do list for the next day.
Declutter your mind, your list will take care of your tasks.

5. Write everything you have in your mind.
You need to have an empty mind before going to bed.

6. Meditate.
Clear your mind to welcome rest.

7. Read before going to sleep.
It is proven that as little as 6 minutes of reading reduces stress significantly.

8. Drink a sip of water, and leave a glass of water on your night table.
Keep hydrated, don’t wake up just because you are thirsty.

9. Go to sleep every day at the same time.
Having a routine is essential to habituate your body.

Right before going to sleep

10. Make your room darker than dark.
Again, your body needs to notice that is night.

11. Make it as quiet as possible, or use white noise.
Don’t get distracted during the night. It is essential you sleep through the night.

12. Rest for at least 8 hours.
Between 7 and 9 hours per night is fine.

The animation shows visual tips to help you remember. White noise at the end!

Do you have any tips for having a great night? Share your comments below.