The most challenging part about organising your time is finding space for all the things you want to do. Personally, I’ve struggled with all the things I want to accomplish. For example, learning a new language, having time to play an instrument, to draw, to study and to work.

The following tips can help you accomplish your tasks, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by all your interests.

  1. Break down your projects
    Brainstorm and breakdown as much as possible all that you have in your mind. Whether they are things you want to do for your job or hobbies you want to include in your life.
     Having a clear map physically lets your mind focus only on the present. You won’t feel overwhelmed by all the things you want to accomplish. Think of it as if you were giving the responsibility to someone else, you will declutter your mind and you will instantly feel you have room in your mind to work on the things you want.
  2. Make a list
    Use the map you did in step 1 to make a list of the immediate things you can do. Now, it is time to work on them one by one. Seeing things written down is the easiest way to feel less pressure. Check tasks as you complete them.
  3. Each day has a name
    Assign each day or every other day a specific task. Plan your day for the things you are absolutely sure you can achieve, don’t be ambitious.
    Assign each day one big task in every subject. For example, one errand, one hobby, one personal project. Then create a name for each day that you remember. For example,Mondays=Draw white pianos. This means you can draw, wash whites, and play the piano on Mondays.
    Tuesdays=Read in the bathroom the guitar. Meaning you can read, clean the bathroom and play the guitar on Tuesdays.

    Create names for your week! This way you won’t forget about doing things, and you will feel that each day has a purpose.

    The things that need to be worked on every day are routines, so treat them as such, don’t include them in this list, instead build them up.

  4. Free time
    Unless you absolutely have to work or need to run an errand, your family and good company reciprocate what you give to them. Your soul needs attention too, always take good care of it. That’s why you should have at least one free day a week to be with friends and family.
    Love is all you need, always remember that.

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