An article from Scientific American summarises methods to avoid cerebral congestion by having breaks during the day. These breaks let your brain assimilate information and let it be fresher for new exigencies to come.

After you have established your routines, it is time to organise your day in chunks, with small pauses alternated by periods of work, investigation or study.

Here is a list of alternatives for you to rest and recharge during the day. You can do as many as you want.

house1. Nap
As short as ten minutes a day, it will benefit you tremendously. Your brain will rewire during this time. With a nap during your day, you will have a better performance for the rest of the day. You will be able to focus on new activities, your brain will handle what you learned and discovered previously.

cake2. Go outside
Having fresh air during your day it is important to enhance your senses. Also, it clears your mind from the virtual world that most of us live during office hours. It is beneficial to have clear air to breathe and disconnect from office routines.

mush3. Longer meals
During your day appreciate the food you eat. Enjoy the company from your coworkers or family. Another important pause to use your senses and take into account that you are lucky to be able to feed yourself.

4. Afternoon teatriangles
Another excellent point to use your senses and be present. The different aromas, the temperature… take care of yourself and enjoy a nourishing cup of tea.

wheel5. Meditate
This one doesn’t need an explanation. Being present in the moment is all that matters. Disconnect from worries, breathe and enjoy living with yourself.

6. Disconnectbrick
Have you ever wondered how much time do you spend on the internet? Do you really have to check social media every day? Do you really need to browse for long periods of time? Instead of using your free time browsing the internet, checking notifications on your mobile or watching telly, use it to paint, you will feel so much better and you will have the company of art.

7. Water
The best ideas come in the shower. buildingLonger showers mean wasting more water? Not necessarily. Use hot water for 20 seconds, use the steam to keep your body warm. Also, the steam is great for your skin. Don’t leave the water running: you won’t feel good after having wasted a lot of water; you will feel good after using the shower as a place to clear your mind and to produce a list of new ideas for the day.

Remember, the end doesn’t justify the means.

Now it is time to colour your time. Which activities do you need, want or/and feel like doing during a typical day? Use your favourite colours to put colour in the illustrations, the ones that help you express what you want to accomplish. Use the colours to find comfort and to discover which activities relax you the most.

The animation shows how using these activities will keep you uplifted, an upright person. The activities are connected and supported by bricks, by your routines.

Do you have any activities you do during the day that uplift you instantly?
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