Being a minimalist is being aware of your surroundings, having control of your decisions and not letting anyone or anything define you.

You are not valuable because you are a doctor or because you possess expensive things. You should matter to yourself, and you should only care about being happy. Be happy by loving yourself, loving others and by giving your best to the world.

It sounds a bit cliché, but like The Beatles say, and it’s true, Love is All You Need.

If you could see what you reflect on the world, what do you want it to be?

How do you want to contribute to this world?

If you could give others something, what would it be? Think about it, embrace yourself and spread your happiness or the comfort you want to give others.

I made this animation thinking about positive and uplifting reflections, the impact you could have on someone shown on a spoon.
Some parts of All You Need is Love, inspired this creation.

Leave any comments below, what do you think? Do you care about what others think of you?