My first post on minimalism was about using art: colouring an illustration with my favourite colour palette. Thanks to the tip given in the post I was aware of what I wanted to keep, and also I discovered what pieces I loved the most.

This week after I have decluttered my closet, I am making my capsule wardrobe.

I am using the basic theory of Susie Faux. I don’t want to keep a lot of seasonal clothes in a bag that I have to clean and worry about. I also read un-fancy and I loved her ideas, but I don’t want to think about my clothes all year long.

I don’t want to make the exercise of building a capsule every 3 months. I believe the capsule should last at least for a year.

As simply as I can, I have built my capsule of 30 items with my own personal touch. Here are my steps and tips:

Step 1. Put on your favourite music (remember this releases endorphins, and it is great to have them around when making decisions!)

The best thing about reducing my wardrobe is that I can spend my time creatively. This animation is just an example: I had the time to paint, animate and compose music for it; this thanks to the fact that I now spend less time choosing what to wear and washing clothes.
I hope the music helps you, it was composed with an upbeat mood.
I hope Silvana Cenni (by Felice Casorati) inspires you to take action.

Step 2. Don’t overthink the capsule grab some basics.

  1. Fancy jeans.
  2. Skinny black trousers.
  3. Navy trousers.
  4. Little black dress.
  5. Fancy black dress.
  6. Black skirt.Shoes
  7. Black boots
  8. White sneakers.
  9. Black flats.
  10. Brown boots.Step 3. Add neutrals that are easy to match.
  11. White t-shirt.
  12. White shirt.
  13. Grey t-shirt.
  14. Stripped navy t-shirt.
  15. Black t-shirt turtleneck.
  16. Huge grey cardigan.
  17. Black sweater.
  18. Black shirt.
  19. Oversized blue cardigan.
  20. Cream wool sweater.
  21. Little black jacket.
  22. Green coat.
  23. Grey coat.Step 4. Add some elements of surprise.
  24. Huge scarf (many uses).
  25. Small purse.
  26. Gold necklace.
  27. Silver necklace.
  28. Big purse.Step 5. If you are missing seasonal essentials add them here.
  29. Winter coat.
  30. Summer flip flops.Step 6. Enjoy your time.

Consider your lifestyle to modify this example of wardrobe capsule and adapt it to your own needs. How much time do you spend on special occasions? Do you work from home? Do you actually need more comfortable clothes than anything else?

Make room for the things that satisfy you: hobbies, passions. Make room for new friendships, for air, for space, to have a blank space in your life that allows you to dream and to come up with new projects.

Learn a language, to play an instrument, or spend time painting and creating things for your inner self, rather than for a material thing that is going to get dirty again in a few days.

Invest energy in what matters, in what gives you satisfaction in a long-term. Do you feel more satisfied and happily fulfilling long term goals?

Choosing what to wear, and needing time to clean and organise your stuff just takes away time from you becoming a successful and fulfilled person.