This weekend I moved to a new flat, and while I was moving my only wish was that I didn’t have so many things. Many of us tend to keep things because they might come in handy one day, but, think about it, what are the things that you really need?

It is difficult to make that decision, either you have sentimental value for rubbish or you think you are getting prepared for the end of the world, and a sweater you haven’t used in three years might save your life.

With that in mind, I started reading about minimalism. How to have fewer things was all I was looking for. The minimalists have very interesting posts. Joshua Fields has only 288 things! (read the article here, I just started my count…the results next week).

I decided to make my own list of tips on how to get rid of things and to keep only the ones that I really need. But why did I decide to do that?

Well, when I started reading about minimalism I felt immediate relief. Things that you have around not only take space physically, they consume valuable time and clutter your mind. How?

Time: you have to be constantly cleaning, when you can use that time to make things for your mind, like painting, playing an instrument or even learning a language.

Overwhelmed mind: You stop worrying about having new things and taking care of the ones you own. You know that what you have is enough.

With that in mind, I used art to help me figure out immediate actions I could do to get rid of things. I own many clothes, this is my first step to clear space in my closet, hence clear my mind.

I encourage you to try the activity below: my first tip (more to come next Thursday).

TIP 1: Clothes

Start with this routine and later move to a second routine (will be posted next week!).

Step 1: Get rid of everything you haven’t worn in a year.

Step 2: Mix all your clothes and hang them.

Step 3: Define your own style. You can use the image below to define the colour palette for your clothes.


Step 4: Wear the first piece of clothing on your left. Clean clothes go to the right.

clothes arrows

Step 5: If you don’t want to wear the next item on the left, or if it isn’t your style, get rid of it.

Do you feel better when you have more space? Do you feel like you can breathe easier? Do you feel you are less stressed out?

Remember minimalism is not about throwing all possessions and barely surviving just drinking water, eating bread and living in an empty box. It is about you becoming aware of what you really need, to be conscious of your decisions and of the things you want to buy or possess.


My colour palette; learn to love grey, it is beautiful and goes with everything 😉