Mantras have psychological powers. They don’t necessarily have to have a meaning, they are just a repeated sound that engages your brain and disconnects you from the outside world.

Why is this helpful?

Well, because you disconnect from your worries and focus on repeating a sound that you start to dominate. You are really good at making that sound! It is a melody that you repeat over and over, and because you know the notes and/or the words, you want to be part of it.


It is like singing along a song you know, knowing that is helping you because you focus on an intention.

It’s simple, but it works. It is Art Therapy, music therapy.


Your brain produces endorphins as I mentioned in this study from the University of Manchester.

Here are my tips for creating your own personal space and take advantage of the mantra you choose:

  1. Look for a reason.
  2. Find a mantra according to that reason.
  3. Focus on the intention.
  4. Sit in a comfortable position where you can breathe easily.
  5. Start chanting your mantra.

Repeated sound patterns? Sounds familiar right?

What do you think of a visual concept of mantras?

I created this repeated patterns while I sang a mantra.

Every repetition of the mantra has the same melody, but not exactly the same intention.

Because you are different every time you sing it. You are breathing and you are changing inside, either you are balancing your emotions or you are more vulnerable. Both intentions are good because you are taking a step in feeling better.

flowerI also composed a mantra. I went all the way and I combined different forms of Art Therapy: painting, playing an instrument, singing along.

I researched the music structure of a typical mantra; in musical terms, it is just the tonic and the dominant repeated over and over again (I-V…)

Listen to it. How do you feel? Can you sing along this simple melody? When you repeat it for a while, do you feel different?

Leave your comments below and tell me what do you think of mantras.
Do you have any other tips?