Trees have the ability to place you in the present.

I read this entry of an exercise about noticing trees. The exercise was done during the winter and the notions are empowering.   …”The bark protects the life inside the tree…”
What is your bark? How do you protect and embrace yourself every day?

Be conscious of your surroundings and appreciate the oxygen and the comfort that is given to you for free. Trees sustain your life, and you sustain theirs as well because you give them carbon dioxide. That is a powerful feeling. You depend on trees as much as they depend on you.

Noticing this flow of oxygen makes you aware of breathing, makes you be in the present and be conscious to calm down, to be mindful. This technique is also helpful for pregnant women to remind them to breathe, to calm down and to think for themselves for a moment.

How do animals feel about trees? Have you ever wondered that? Why do they coexist in harmony with trees? We are just beginning to take care of them as they have been doing for us for ages.


Branches of a tree originate in a periodic way and beautiful patterns emerge. Be aware of that and make your own representation of trees using repeated and aleatory shapes.
If you were a tree how would you represent yourself?

Look at this exercise for inspiration.

Use wet ink to create shadows or to elongate a feeling that arises. I’ve done the exercise myself and I feel peaceful. Here are some of my drawings.

Leave comments in the section below for your insights. How was your exercise? How do you feel after looking or painting trees?